Poplar Middle School

Principal Morgan Norgaard

Vice Principal  Lewis Reese

Phone  406-768-6733

Poplar Middle School: Keys to Success 

Waoki hipi Ekta Iyuh’doka

  • We offer student incentives for academic success (cash prizes, parties and celebrations, quarterly assemblies, prize drawings, awards.)

  • We offer a student-adult mentoring program.

  • We offer a Gifted and Talented Program.

  • We offer the Olweus Anti-Bullying Program with assertiveness training.

  • We offer an after school tutoring program where core teachers are available to assist students with school work.

  • We offer a lunch time tutoring session to help students stay up to date on their school work.

  • We offer after school computer incentive time for student with all C’s and above.

  • We utilize Montana Behavior Institute plan for positive discipline.

  • We Provide Strengthening Families—Family Skills Training.

  • We Plan Family Math and Reading Night